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We place your products

In order to give you, as a supplier and manufacturer of western medical devices, access to these markets, we provide you with a suitable and turnkey solution for your business models.

Medical practices

General practitioners, ENT, dentists, dermatologists and allergists


Spare parts, laboratory training, Laboratory supplies and equipment


Cost optimization, simplification and acceleration

Welcome to EuroMED

Your partner for the expansion of your trade routes to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Мarket expansion

An expansion into the new markets with high sales potential would appear to make sense if these markets prove to be predictable and transparent.

Product registration

The approval of medical devices in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is based on our own product testing and certification.

Distribution & Sales

Partners and employees on site understand the market and its interrelationships, in order to optimally address existing and potential customers.

Make use of our
existing contacts

We have a large number of potential customers and prospects who are looking for high quality medical products.

Hospitals and polyclinics

Medical consumer goods are in particular demand here.

Medical practices

There is a high demand for medical methods and equipment.


Customer-specific optimizations have enormous profit growth potential.

Veterinary practices

The focus here is on preparations for domestic animals and livestock.

Мarket expansion

Strategic market development in the Commonwealth of Independent States

An expansion into your new markets with high sales potential would seem to make sense if these markets prove to be predictable and transparent. Market developments in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) may in some cases appear demanding and opaque. Local conditions, language barriers and bureaucratic stumbling blocks have to be taken into account. However, the market for medical solutions is very profitable, especially in this region. There is a high demand for high-quality European medical products.

What we do in this area:

  • Market overview and market description
  • Potential analysis and risks
  • Merging of customers and manufacturers
  • Product registration and bureaucratic handling
  • Warranty and legal requirements
  • Transport regulations and handling


How are medical devices optimally placed and sold on site?


Use existing customer base for your medical device

Specialist knowledge

Know-How of the regulations to be considered in order to sell products on site

Your advantages with EuroMED

At EuroMED combine the knowledge of the European medical device market with our network and our knowledge of business requirements within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). For our customers, we overcome socio-cultural barriers and create a basis of trust for future trade relations. We develop market entry strategies and take over the entire organizational process. We identify suitable sales markets in which the products of European medical device manufacturers can be optimally positioned.

Product Registration

Approval of medical devices in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Since the approval of medical devices in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is based on a separate product test, approval procedures for European companies are often a challenge. European product certificates (CE and FDA) are not recognised and are partially ignored. The approval procedure consists of several steps and passes through various bureaucratic stages, which must be strictly adhered to.

What we do in this area:

  • Determination of the classification of your medical devices
  • Market research for possible sales
  • Identification of the necessary product tests
  • Coordination with the authorities
  • Preparation of the necessary documents
  • Translation coordination


Acceptance and handling of all bureaucratic steps during all project phases


Submission of the required applications up to and including product approval


Coordination of product testing and laboratory tests for product approval

Your advantages with EuroMED

EuroMED takes care of all these steps up to the state approval of your medical devices and their official registration. On site, this process is carried out by an experienced legal entity, as the processing of formalities or transactions takes place largely on a personal level. In this way, as a European manufacturer of medical devices, you can overcome bureaucratic hurdles and language barriers in the best possible way.


Distribution & Sales

Use existing sales structures and regional distribution channels

The advantages of an existing local sales structure are self-explanatory. Employees have an excellent understanding of the market and its interrelationships. This enables them to acquire existing and potential customers in a targeted and effective manner. Mainly the contact to existing interested parties can be established. Potential customers in this region are looking for cooperations with European manufacturers in order to sell their medical devices locally.

What we do in this area:

  • Determination of suitable sales strategies
  • Setting up a sales team
  • Coordination of the local sales team
  • Coordination of necessary translations
  • Submission of applications or forms
  • Organisation and formalities Transport and import


Market analysis, sales strategy, prognosis, registration & import (in CIS) of medical devices

Project Management

Combination of customer and manufacturer as well as process organization

Intercultural skills

Existing contacts on site. We know language and mentality

Clinical trials (CT)

Assistance to European manufacturer of medical devices and pharmaceutical products in planning and conduction of clinical trials (pre-clinical and all the phases of CT, getting needed approvals and certificates for medical devices) in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan:

  • Evaluation of CT protocols and other study relevant documents
  • Getting expertise and submissions to SEC MoH Ukraine and National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices Kazakhstan (NDDA)
  • Definition of Plans of action and strategy
  • Organization of meetings with governmental institutions and study sites
  • Preparation of presentations for b2b meetings
  • Coordinaion of site evaluation visits
  • Presence of local CRO, CRA and CTM network

Your advantages with EuroMED

We have a customer base of potential customers of medical devices who are willing to use their own sales structures. Furthermore, our sales team can place your products on site in the best possible way. Together with European manufacturers, we work out how to design the optimal sales strategy. Furthermore, we take care of the transport and import formalities and take care of the organisation.


"EuroMED" is a young, actively developing company, a member of the consulting and retail pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. The dynamic "start" of the company's development became possible due to:

  • a professional team of like-minded people;
  • knowledge of the specific needs of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market;
  • development strategy aimed at forming the development of a turnkey solution for any of the participants in the pharmaceutical market, from the client to the manufacturer.

The main target of EuroMED is marketing, distribution, exporting pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory products as well as medical disposables from Europe to Ukraine. 

Our Methods In Healing

  • Turnkey laboratory
  • Modular Operating Theatre
  • Pharmaceuticla products
  • Hospital Furniture and Beds

Goal of the company  

EuroMED is always looking for new opportunities and partners to enlarge its scope of activities. 


Our partners

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